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    28 October 2016
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    Support for Microsoft edge: presents a smooth sailing for Internet Browsing

    Before delving deeper into the support for Microsoft edge. Let get an insight into the proliferated use of Internet which keeps you away from all extraneous hard work of accomplishing task physically. We have different browsers available in the market which offers distinctive features like Google chrome, Opera, internet explorer, Firefox to choose from. Microsoft maintains Spartan, a most notable Extension features that allows to do page markup, reading view, and Cortana integration. Support for Microsoft Edge also includes universal windows app, irrespective of other windows running devices same application runs of pcs, phones and Tablets. Microsoft Edge comes with very exciting features, design and quality which offer a commendable browsing experience and high speed internet facility. In order to reap the benefits of hassle free browsing you can contact our team of Experts across different parts of onshore and offshore countries. Globaltech Squad team in Australia, USA, Canada and UK by means of remote assistance provides extensive support for Microsoft Edge. We will help you to update the latest version of the Microsoft edge. Globaltech Squad helps you in the browser settings.

    Support for Microsoft edge: encompasses very edgy features

    support for microsoft edge


    Microsoft Edge Extension: Microsoft edge Support for Bowser extension available in windows store like amazon assistant, Adblock, Adblock plus, page analyzer, Microsoft translator, office online. Microsoft Edge extension enables you to make better decisions, product comparisons, and wish list.

    Cortana: Cortana Feature of Microsoft edge for Window 10 helps you to set reminder and locate files, also helps you to look up tricky words. In addition to it also track the location of the restaurant, help trace and find location when you are on ride and give up the pop information if you come across any additional information about the page you are in. Cortana presents tremendous features of search tool box which also shows the current weather with visuals and helps you to convert currency into required currency. An extensive search tool box for exploring different places, restaurant, with their location. Cortana helps you search the browser history, find the location of the history, search contact details, calendar list, content communication history from message and apps, search history and other information from your device making more personal. If your Cortana is unresponsive then no worry, our GlobalTech Squad team will help you to provide support for Microsoft edge to resume Cortana to previous stage.

    Allows adding web note to the web page: you can access the web note which is added to the web page by clicking on the” make a web note icon”. These web note written can be erased, edited, or you can highlight it as per your wish. You can even add different colors, font and sizes to it. It also allows you to save it, and access it at any time or even add it to your favorites. Get support for Microsoft edge in case you come across any issue in writing web Note.

    Reading list: Microsoft Edge has integrated the reading list with windows 10. As bookmark features allows you to add important web pages or link to it and you can view it any time provided you have an internet connection. While reading list feature of the Microsoft edge empowers you to not only add web page to the reading list but also allows viewing those web pages whenever you like without an Internet connection. If you have trouble in adding web page then feel free to contact our Globaltech squad team who provide support for Microsoft Edge related to reading list tool bar.

    Sharing and viewing: Sharing feature reflected in the right corner allows you to share a webpage or link Via Mail, messenger, or in the OneNote. You can even share your webpage on the social websites like Facebook, Twitter. Sharing also allows you to add webpages to the Cortana which can view as and when required. Globaltech Squad provides support for Microsoft edge with respect to trouble in viewing and sharing your documents with others.

    Being a young browser, there are different bugs to work on, unfamiliar controls to learn, problems to solve. But be patient if you’re facing any problems. Globaltech Squad is right behind you to trouble shoot your problem and help your system to get back on track. For any help contact USA/Canada: 1-800-294-5907, UK: 0-808-189-0272, Australia: 1-300-326-128 or get solution of your query on Globaltech Squad provides entire support for Microsoft Edge. 

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