• 5 myths for not using Quick Heal Antivirus Support

    22 August 2017
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    5 myths about Antivirus | Quick Heal Antivirus Support

    There are millions of computer users around the world. Many of them believe that using security software is unnecessary and causes more trouble than it is worth. In this blog post, we will list out some  myths and reasons that prevent users to install security software. Quick Heal Antivirus Support experts strongly recommend you to use an effective antivirus for your computer security from external threats. Let’s discuss some common excuses that we’ve heard about why people don’t really need antivirus.

    1: You don’t need Quick Heal Antivirus Support because you only visit safe websites

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    Most of the users say that they do not need antivirus as they only visit safe websites. However, the truth is that there are no safe websites available anymore. Hackers and viruses have become so advanced that they can infiltrate the most secure websites and connections. A secure website is now a thing of past. In the recent years, we have seen numerous DDoS Attacks, SSL breaches, Password breaches, and drive-by attacks even to the safest websites. The threat of hackers and virus is growing day-by-day as hackers are constantly innovating to find new ways to infiltrate your computer. Security software companies update their security features to avoid any kind of attack. That is why it is crucial to have an effective security software on your computer. Quick Heal Antivirus Support team offers the best protection against hackers and other threats.

    2: Quick Heal Antivirus Support solutions slow your machine down

    One of the most common complaints our Quick Heal Antivirus Support team receive occasionally is that antivirus software slows down the performance of a computer. However, many test results have found that antivirus software does not make a drastic change in the speed of a computer. The potential cause of slow performance of a computer could be because of multiple scans running simultaneously. Too many unnecessary activities occurring at the same time also results in machine slow down.

    3: You don’t have any data that is worth hackers’ efforts

    Many users think that they don’t need antivirus because they don’t have any data that is worth hacker’s effort. Let’s assume that a hacker does not care about you personally, nor does he care about the information. However, when a hacker get into thousands of computer, then the same information becomes valuable for them. They can use this data for financial gain or sell it to the third party. So do not think that you have nothing to protect. Anyone who goes online has some data that belongs to him or her and is vulnerable, and hence needs Quick Heal Antivirus Support.

    4: You own a Mac and Macs don’t get viruses

    Most viruses are aimed at Windows platforms as most computer users operate on this platform. However, Mac users believe that Mac products are invulnerable, and hackers and malware authors pick on this overconfidence. Mac computers are good so if you own a Mac, you need to consider getting a security product, just as much as someone who owns a Windows machine. Quick Heal Antivirus Support provides the best protection against malware, hackers, viruses for every operating system.

    5: You don’t need to connect to the Internet

    If you only use your machine for playing some old games, then you probably do not need to connect to the Internet. In that case, an antivirus solution may be superfluous for your PC. However, a large majority of machines today are used for exchanging emails, downloading content, streaming videos, carrying out banking transactions or shopping online. Therefore, if you’re using your machine for any of these activities, then you definitely need to consider installing a security solution to stay safe against all kinds of malware and cyberattacks and social engineering tricks.

    If none of these conditions apply to you, then you certainly need to consider investing in Quick Heal antivirus support. Quick Heal Total Security is a trustworthy and versatile product that offers complete system protection. Great features such as web security, browser sandbox, parental control, email security and others are just some of the reliable highlights from the Quick Heal Antivirus Support. GlobalTech Squad is one of the most popular and reliable Quick Heal Antivirus Support provide in USA, Canada, UK, and Australia. Get in touch with us by calling our Toll-Free Quick Heal Antivirus Support Phone Number. Our Toll-Free for USA/Canada: 1-800-294-5907: 1-844-573-0859 UK: 0-808-189-0272 Australia: 1-300-326-128. You can contact us via email also our email address is

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