• D-link router support to fix constant dropping of Wi-Fi

    12 April 2017
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    D-link router support to resolve frequent dropping of Wi-Fi connection

    Amidst different range of wireless D-link router, D-link DIR-880L – Dual band AC 1900 Gigabit router is best known among all this . This router bring forth refined the features to make it more worthy for the users compared to DIR-890. It comes with long range and stable Wi-Fi capabilities with amazing speed of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As a matter of fact with respect to testing, it has the ability to be controlled by D-link cloud service. Nevertheless, it is still possible to experience issues with its login and set up. Crop up of pitfalls in operating its web interface being it so modern, can be fixed with immediately with D-link router support.

    D-link router support

    It becomes very irritating and annoying when your Wi-Fi connection drops in between while watching movies and games. The overburden of router due to heavy usage result into network issues. These can be due to following reason:

    • Simultaneous streaming of live video, performing gaming and transferring files which involves a large amount of data. Router is not compatible for heavy networking usage. If such is the case, use the router which is best suited to meet the internet needs.
    • Weak signal strength of the Wi-Fi. The more you go away from its range the more unstable the connection will become. Add a Wi-Fi extender to network to avoid the location problem.
    • Furthermore, too much wireless interface due to the emission signals from the TV, Microwave, TV, and Bluetooth hamper the connection. Try putting the router away from these devices.
    • Update drivers and firmware for steady and strong Wi-Fi signals.

    D-Link router support to update router firmware to improve stability and fix bugs

    • Type in the web browser address bar and hit enter button to access D-Link router web-based configuration utility.
    • In the login screen, select admin. Provide password or leave blank if you have not set it.
    • Click on the Tools tab at the top of router page and select firmware at left side.
    • To update firmware, click the check now button. If the current version of firmware is not reflected in the page, open the website. Click on support tab and then select firmware to check the new version.
    • Download the latest firmware file on the computer, if it is present.
    • Click the browse button on the firmware page to browse the firmware file and double click on it.
    • Click on upload to upload the firmware file to the router, install it.

    This signal drop problem accompanied with other issues needs quick fix of the entire issues with D-link router. There are so many issues that are skilled team look into using D-link router support. These can be

    D-link router support

    If you face any difficulty in the process of updating Firmware, get in touch with our team to have D-Link router support. Our team always stands by you to get D-Link router support. Never ever compromise on security as it plays a vital part in securing data. This is our Toll-free number: USA: 1-800-294-5907 Canada: 1-844-573-0859 UK: 0-808-189-0272 Australia: 1-300-326-128 or mail, where you can get complete information.

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