• D-link router support to fix constant dropping of Wi-Fi

    12 April 2017
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    D-link router support to resolve frequent dropping of Wi-Fi connection

    Amidst different range of wireless D-link router, D-link DIR-880L – Dual band AC 1900 Gigabit router is best known among all this . This router bring forth refined the features to make it more worthy for the users compared to DIR-890. It comes with long range and stable Wi-Fi capabilities with amazing speed of 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. As a matter of fact with respect to testing, it has the ability to be controlled by D-link cloud service. Nevertheless, it is still possible to experience issues with its login and set up. Crop up of pitfalls in operating its web interface being it so modern, can be fixed with immediately with D-link router support.

    D-link router support

    It becomes very irritating and annoying when your Wi-Fi connection drops in between while watching movies and games. The overburden of router due to heavy usage result into network issues. These can be due to following reason:

    • Simultaneous streaming of live video, performing gaming and transferring files which involves a large amount of data. Router is not compatible for heavy networking usage. If such is the case, use the router which is best suited to meet the internet needs.
    • Weak signal strength of the Wi-Fi. The more you go away from its range the more unstable the connection will become. Add a Wi-Fi extender to network to avoid the location problem.
    • Furthermore, too much wireless interface due to the emission signals from the TV, Microwave, TV, and Bluetooth hamper the connection. Try putting the router away from these devices.
    • Update drivers and firmware for steady and strong Wi-Fi signals.

    D-Link router support to update router firmware to improve stability and fix bugs

    • Type in the web browser address bar and hit enter button to access D-Link router web-based configuration utility.
    • In the login screen, select admin. Provide password or leave blank if you have not set it.
    • Click on the Tools tab at the top of router page and select firmware at left side.
    • To update firmware, click the check now button. If the current version of firmware is not reflected in the page, open the website. Click on support tab and then select firmware to check the new version.
    • Download the latest firmware file on the computer, if it is present.
    • Click the browse button on the firmware page to browse the firmware file and double click on it.
    • Click on upload to upload the firmware file to the router, install it.

    This signal drop problem accompanied with other issues needs quick fix of the entire issues with D-link router. There are so many issues that are skilled team look into using D-link router support. These can be

    D-link router support

    If you face any difficulty in the process of updating Firmware, get in touch with our team to have D-Link router support. Our team always stands by you to get D-Link router support. Never ever compromise on security as it plays a vital part in securing data. This is our Toll-free number: USA: 1-800-294-5907 Canada: 1-844-573-0859 UK: 0-808-189-0272 Australia: 1-300-326-128 or mail, where you can get complete information.

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  • Enjoy the Gigantic Features of D-link Router Support

    17 December 2016
    Posted by admin

    Enjoy the gigantic features of D-link router without complications through D-link router support

    In today’s tech –savvy world, we reckon on routers to keep us connected with digital information. The router acts as a spine for any internet connection which help you share your files, important documents to an integrated network connection. The D-link router is one such router that you can trust on to withstands the growing competition in the market to realize our goals with efficiency and greater productivity. The D-link router that d-link router support comes with Ac1900 dual band Wi-Fi with extreme coverage and sound signal strength which help you browse the internet without interruption accompanied with smartconnect and Smartbeam technology. Along with this, D-link router support comes with 802.11a/g/n ac wireless LAN and different configurations of Gigabit LAN port and WAN port which are ideal for HD videos streaming, surfing, gaming, video chat and web surfing. This D-link router support includes distinguished technical specifications which are suitable for different operating system such as Windows10, Windows 7, 8 XP, Windows vista and MacOS. There are advanced functionality such as Guest Zone, Smart-Connect, DLNA media server, Multi-setup web set up wizard, dual active firewall, Network address translation, VPN pass through, and an advanced Qos and includes the wireless security such as WPA and WPA2 and Wi-Fi protected setup. The Smartbeam forming technology inherent in the d-link router support is conducive to an application which requires high bandwidth, and helps you relish pleasant experience in playing games, streaming videos and music. While the Smartconnect feature embedded in the DIR-879 with its Wi-Fi band help you connect with different devices with no complexity. In addition to this, D-link router support the users to Tracks Network traffic while also checks the traffic congestion for application which serves the higher priority. With respect to security the D-link router support encrypted wireless guest network and parenting control features which will block specific websites and prevent unauthorized online access. Inspite of providing amazing services, the router can have technical issues that will strain you and make you frustrated with its connectivity issues.

    Adore gilt-edged performance of D-link router through D-link router support services at GlobalTech Squad

    D-Link Router Support

    Enjoy optimal performance and stay away from all router issues with D-link router support services from GlobalTech Squad. To meet the changing demand of the user, D-link Company also focuses on cloud router to help to boost the productivity of business. This D-link router support comes with connectivity options such as Gigabit LAN, WAN with USB port connections while also help users to share the content through sharePort mobile app, SharePort web access, Webfile access and DLNA server. The DLNA server allows for easy sharing of files, photos over home network which help you stream films from your laptops, smartphones. The D-link router support users with downloads and upload bandwidth, help you view currently connected clients, view web browsing history, block the unauthorized access and unblock the genuine sites also help you manage your wireless network details through web browser, iOS and Android. Enjoy HD videos and browse your internet at blazing speed for both wired and wireless router network using an advanced and cutting –edged technology. Although, D-link router uses most advanced features but over the passage of time faces any issues which will make you internet experience a nightmare. Our GlobalTech Squad team is composed of experts who possess different set of skills and are armed with suitable knowledge that will eradicate the problem from its root. Our team spread across USA, Canada, Australia and UK is endowed with IT skills and have mammoth industry experience to put a stoppage to all router malfunctioning’s. The GlobalTech Squad will troubleshoot the problem such as complex browser settings, configure firewall settings, fix your drivers issues, and update software’s and resolve the hardware connectivity issues through D-link router support services. For any assistance feel free to connect with us on the following D-link router support services USA/Canada: 1-800-294-5907, 1-844-573-0859, UK: 0-808-189-0272, Australia: 1-300-326-128 which is under your scope at any time as per your convenience or drop a mail on to get an immediate solutions.


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  • D-link Router Support Advanced Features

    28 November 2016
    Posted by admin

    D-link Router Support advanced features for high frequency data transfer across different devices

    The term router plays a crucial role in connecting us with digital world of information. It acts as the medium for sharing internet access across multiple deices. There are two highly used router which are most prevalent in the market are Corded or Ethernet cable router which involves Ethernet cable connection and wireless router which are wireless. These wireless routers helps you extend your wireless coverage, offers you to connect with public Wi-Fi, provide network authentication, also ensures you to connect with secured remote or site-to-site VPN Connection. With wireless router you can connect to your hotspot gateway which offers you to access wireless intent connection making viable for the business and small office setups. Wireless router allows you to connect with internet world from anywhere within range of sound signal strength. There is no denying the fact that corded routers too used for high data transmission across different device. Router whether corded or wireless helps you connect multiple devices even your smartphone and tablets and uses secured way of transferring data and files through routing protocol. Seeing the proliferated use of internet over mobile phones, users generally opt for wireless routers over corded ones. Beside this router also offers to perform high intent video streaming of music, movies and also help you share your memories, photos. Keeping in view of these, D-link Router Support different wireless and cored routers to support different users with their quality products, compact designed routers.

    D-link Router Support

    D-link Router Support latest technology to enjoy HD streaming video without any frustration

    D-link routers support comes with external antennas and Ethernet port of 1 Gigabit and support high demand gaming application, HD video streaming, and also allows you to surf internet with high speed internet connection without buffering, enables you to do video chat without tension of losing internet connection. While D-link router support in terms of Wi-Fi router with amazing dual Wi-Fi performance, comes with extreme coverage with high amplifier embedded with latest technology of AC Smart beam and Smart connect. D-link router support dual core processor for high speed network connection and also facilitate you to manage your network from your mobile phones and tablets and uses USB 3.0 port connectivity to support High Frequency applications. But if your router is not properly connected or your drivers aren’t support your system which creates hurdles in the internet connectivity. So keep your drivers and software updated and in proper working condition contact GlobalTech Squad Team for D-link router support. Our GlobalTech Squad team is working round the clock to give entire D-link router support. Our team of GlobalTech Squad in USA, Canada, Australia and UK is working relentlessly to solve all queries associated with routers through D-link router support. Do you any help for your router call on the following D-link router support numbers USA/Canada: 1-800-294-5907, 1-844-573-0859, UK: 0-808-189-0272, Australia: 1-300-326-128 or drop an email on the

    Enjoy hassle –free set up with D-link Router Support

    With wireless router you can enjoy hassle-free setup as they come without wires which are easy to set up entrusted with security features of WPA2 and Dual active firewalls. It offers you wide range of internet coverage with fast internet connection. It relieves you from messy Ethernet cable and also helps you upgrade your PC in the meantime. But again, can let you under problems which will put you under some obnoxious and unpleasant issues if there exists some issues which are not allowing you share data or files, or there may be the problem with router drivers or software or any other problem. If such is the case then do contact our GlobalTech Squad team for D-link router support. Our D-link router support from our experts will safeguard your router from all technical glitches and will dig down into the problem to give unique solution    

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