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8 February 2017
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Dell printer support will dig out issues and quash it to prevent its reoccurrence

Dell printer Configuration Web Tool are entrancingly designed for small and medium sized business and workgroups and endeavour professional quality double sided prints with high speed and reliable performance. Even though, over a certain period of time, it reels under various technical issues which if ignored will enable you to shell out more money to make it in previous working condition. These Problem can be related to its ink cartridges, printer not printing properly and even printing blank pages, system incompatibility issues which can be sorted out by consuming less time through dell printer support. Our Dell printer support is composed of experts who possess an ample of solutions to tackle with all loathsome matter with uncomplicated steps. Our team have experts who have been serving users since many years, which have aggrandized their knowledge and proffer new ways to deal with them through Dell printer support. Our USA, Canada, Australia and UK is getting an overwhelming response owing to its proper guidance and befitting ways of attending users through Dell printer support. Get an eye-popping resolution by calling on Dell Printer Support Phone Number USA/Canada: 1-800- 294-5907, 1- 844- 573-0859, UK: 0-808- 189-0272, Australia:1-300-326-128 or drop a mail on to take full advantage of GlobalTech squad fascinating Dell printer support.

Our team will proffer troubleshooting steps to make Dell inkjet printer work fine for you through Dell printer support

  • If you are using USB cable, then make sure that both its end is properly plugged to the system and printer.
  • Restart the system and turned the printer off.
  • Unplug the printer power cord from the A/C outlet or surge the protector and wait for at least 30 seconds and plug it back and turned the printer on.
  • Print a test page in windows 10 with below steps:

dell printer support

    • In the search box in the task bar type “device and printer”.
    • Click on the device and printer.
    • Press the right click on your printer.
    • Then click on the printer properties and you will see print test page and click on it which is under the general tab.
  • Make sure that the desired printer is set as default printer. To set it do the following:
    • Press and hold the simultaneously windows and R key.
    • In the run box type, shell, printer folder and click on Ok.
    • Right click on the desired printer and set it as default printer.
  • For network printer, make sure computer is on the network and the printer portal settings and IP address are correct. To check the portal properties and IP settings with following steps:
    • Type the control panel in the search box.
    • Go to device and printer under control panel.
    • Right click on the desired printer and click on properties.
    • Click on port.
    • Make sure there is check mark next to desired printer listed in the printer column.
    • Click on configure port.
    • Make sure the listing next to printer name or IP address should resembles same as the listed in the settings report.
    • Click ok and then hit the close button.
  • Run the printer troubleshooters to diagnose and automatically correct any printer spooler issues and print test page.
  • Perform a system restore to a time when printer was working.
  • Uninstall the printer driver, download and install the latest Dell Printer Drivers.

In case you face any problem dealing with different steps, then contact our GlobalTech squad techies, who will resolve the issues through Dell printer support.

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