Digital Marketing

Digital marketing: A constructive approach to win market share

Up till now marketing can be regarded as an important aspect to make your products and services and brand name known to the public at large. There were times when people depend on traditional ways of promoting their products and services. Business professionals engage in different traditional methods of marketing like newspaper, Magazine ads, billboards, business card and pamphlets, But now the time has changed and business professional no longer depend on the tradition ways of advertising their products and to increase their client base. Besides that traditional marketing strategies involve much cost compared to digital marketing and outcome is not easily measured in case of traditional marketing. As the world is getting digital and seeing the increased usage of Internet, Digital Marketing is considered to a viable and cost effective option. Digital marketing incorporates the use of different channels of electronic media. There are different ways by which we promote our services via electronic media. These are creating our online website, social media (Facebook, twitter), and banner ads, bulk SMS, YouTube videos. Digital marketing so prevalent which help the user to have access to information at any time and at any place through smart phone. Digital marketing is popular means, which not only makes you aware of the information available about particular site, product, and services, brand and but also helps you to form an opinion regarding particular product, services through reviews and comments posted on that particular site. People look to digital marketing for brands they can trust, companies they know, and relevant communications and prefers it to be tailored to their needs and preferences.

Different set of activities for digital marketing:

digital marketing


Search Engine optimization: Globaltech Squad team has team who has in-depth experience of website analytical tools (Google analytics, Net Insight, webmaster tools, shopping feeds, XML sitemaps). They perform keyword search to optimize existing content and explore new opportunities. They help to create and support marketing content to socialize and post videos, briefs, and blogs, and articles, press releases to make our sites to reflect on the top of Google search and to gain maximum reach.

Search engine marketing: Search engineis a comprehensive set of Digital marketing strategies used to grab the attention of the user towards our product, services. We use different platforms like Google Ad words, Bing ads. Globaltech Squad takes every measure to represent and promote our services to the user at large.

Social media marketing: we create customize content for different social media platforms to drive traffic to our websites or business using social sites like Facebook, twitter, Instagram, google +, LinkedIn,. It is an important communication tool where people can share comments, upload videos, photos, and establish relationship with the user.The key thing here is the ‘interacting’ – a normal website that simply allows comments as an ‘add on’ to site content.

Website designing: We engage into the website designing to convert the existing and new sites into the live sites. We engage into planning, creating, updating which involves the website structure, architecture design, user interface, website layout, navigation ergonomics. Globaltech Squad team use different colors, contrast, and font, images, to make it more attractive and visible or versatile. It snaps together unique data driven functionality using simple, interactive page types.

Website development: As theTerm itself connotes, it is a set of activities to promote the website content over the Internet. It involves a comprehensive set of task commonly refer to as web engineering, web design, web content development. Globaltech Squad team aims to provide best quality professional services with our expertise level to help our business flourish. We make our sites more user-friendly, highly interactive, and provide easy navigation. It helps you to have a proper glance of different range of services and products that we provide with proper scroll button.

Globaltech Squad team helps you to promote your products and servicesto give your business an impressive presence in the digital space. For any information call on the following numbers USA/Canada: 1-800-294-5907, UK: 0-808-189-0272, Australia: 1-300-326-128 or you can drop a mail on